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It is not the beauty of a boat lift you should look at, it’s the quality of design & construction that will stand the test of time…

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The LT model is a parallel poly tank side mount lift designed for rough water, wide slips, and back over applications.  All steel above the water line in most applications, aside from bushing maintence you won't have costly repairs replacing steel parts that corrode the harmful properties of water.
The LT model was designed for rough water, longevity, and to be easily maintained.  The concept of any lift should be to safely and securely raise a vessel. The Lake of the Ozarks is 2nd to none when it comes to rough waters and the LT model is no 2nd either. It’s time to put money into the fuel tank of your boat and quit wasting it on overpriced or underdesigned boat lifts.Our LT model is a rough water lift specifically designed for floating docks. It is a free floating lift that has poly bushings in every moving part to ride the waves quietly and smoothly. All of our lifts use non corrosive poly tanks and get all the steel out of the water line, effectively eliminating wear on the frame

Shallow Water Boat Lifts...
For those challenging water depth applications. LOTO Lift ® builds the lowest operating pneumatic lift in the country. Before now there has been nobody has put so much into the shallow water concept.  Using rectangular tanks is the most efficient way to displace water. That is why river barges are designed square not round. Our 4000 shallow can operate in as little as 24" water for bass boats. All hot dipped Galvanized frame, poly bushings in every moving part, optional non fiction composite bunks. We will keep you fishing or wake-boarding all year!
Lifetime poly tanks
5 year warranty on galvanized frame
3 year warranty on the arms, pitmans, axles
2 year warranty on the control unit
Bypass valve and exhaust hose
Lockable Deck mount control unit with GFCI
4000lb - 14,000lb lift sizes

EZ Steps

Rough Water Solutions



  1. Boat Lifts Lake of the Ozarks
    At Loto Lift we do the lifting for you! Your boat is one of your biggest investments and the Loto Lift team will help you protect it. Using the latest technology and pneumatic boat lift brands, we customize boat lifts, docks, and accessories based on your needs. We also offer service, repairs and installation, so the only thing you’ll have to lift is your finger to give us a call for a consultation.
  2. Lakes we service
    We proudly serve Lake of the Ozarks, Grand Lake, Truman Lake, Smithville Lake, Pomme De Terre, and Table Rock Lake.
  3. Heavy Duty lifts - LT model
    We build the best side mount boat lifts. We have designed these lifts for the rough waters of the lake of the ozarks. When you use our products on other lakes like: Grand Lake, Smithville and Table Rock they will out last comptetition. Poly Tanks 1” Hose Heavy duty Frame All Steel out of the water Bushings all all moving parts Please contact us at 573.873.6058 or 4971 Old Route 5, Camdenton, MO 65020
  4. Shallow water boat lifts
    For the boaters who have less than 4’ of water we have designed these lifts for you. We have designed lifts to operate in as little as 25” of water. Shallow water lifts use Rotationally molded poly tanks. We have the lowest operating pneumatic systems in the industry. We have installed these lifts at Grand lake, Lake of the Ozarks, Pomme De Terre lake, Mississippi River in St. Louis, and Table rock lake. Call us today to find out the solution to your low water problem. Sizes available in 3000 lb - 15,000 lb capacity
  5. PWC Lifts
    PWC Platform lift Composit Decking built to fit your slip 3 Dock Mounts for rough water Pad Frame Optional Stop kit All Steel above the water line. Poly Tank PWC Single 4’ - 6’ wide Box tubing frame Poly tank Pad Frames
  6. Used boat lifts
    This is a list of the used boats lift available. The prices are picked up at our location at 4971 Old Route 5, Camdenton, MO 65020. Most of these are used boat lifts from Lake of the Ozarks. We can arrange delivery and/or installation to Table Rock Lake, Pomme De Terre Lake, Truman Lake, Beaver Lake, and all the lakes in the Kansas City area including Smithville Lake, Longview Lake, and Blue springs. Lake. The purchaser is responsible for any permitting or permissions with his or her marina, army corp, association, and/or other governing body at their location. This list was updated: 3/10/2014 Please contact us at 573.873.6058 or 4971 Old Route 5, Camdenton, MO 65020
  7. Service and Repairs
    ***Due to overwhelming new sales, we are not servicing any other brand than LOTO Lift until further notice. Having problems with your boat lift? Do you have a boat lift or dock that needs to be relocated? Do you need your dock repaired? At Loto Lift, we are pneumatic boat lift specialists. Loto Lift will make sure your boat lift and dock are repaired, removed, or replaced properly and quickly. We cover Missouri lakes: Lake of the Ozarks, Pomme De Terre Lake, Smithville Lake, Long View Lake, Rain Tree Lake, Blue springs lake, Table Rock, Truman, Missippi River, Missouri River and any privote lake inbetween.
  8. Do I need a boat lift?...
    A boat lift / lake lift can be the most convenient part of your boating experience. A boat lift / lake lift is designed for a number of reasons. It reduces wear, keeps the hull clean, and provides protection from rough water while in a dock slip. On top of all of that it is convenient for accessing out drives and repairing the prop, swim deck, or the hull of a boat. Most inland boats are constructed of a fiberglass hull that is sealed with gel coat or a epoxy paint that provides adequate protection for the fiberglass, but prolonged saturation from sitting in water will affect byproducts formed in the hardening process turning them in to acids that will break down the bond between the glass reinforcing and the resin. Power boats have precise parts and drives that need to be keep clean for performance and durability. With zebra mussels and marine growth it would be impossible for the boat to run correctly with water ports, jets, and the drives clogged. When you add electrolysis into the equation the odds of permanent damage are high the boat in the picture had been in the water for 3 months before it was put on this shallow water boat lift.
  9. Boat lift parts
    Control Units Rollers Bushings Bumpers Boat lift hose
Rough Water Boat Lifts, Shallow water Boat Lifts, Used Boat Lifts